Do miracles still happen?


More Miracles than I can keep track of

I have a confession to make. (Please don’t tell any of my Christian friends). When I am in church and I hear someone talking about a miracle that happened to him or her I clap my hands like I’m a lot more excited than I really am. I’m genuinely glad for the people who experienced their miracles but I’m just not as excited about miracles as I used to be. The problem is I’ve heard it all before, there are more miracles that I have heard about than I can possibly remember.
I heard about the following two healings from the people who were healed first hand.
Ian used to wear glasses with very thick lenses. When people with normal vision put on those kind of glasses they actually find it harder to see with them on. Ian’s retinas were distorted like corrugated iron (they had wavy bumps on them). One day I saw Ian without his glasses on so I asked him if he was wearing contact lenses, he told me that the Lord had healed him. I never saw Ian wearing glasses again!
Dorothy used to be deaf in both ears, I remember her telling how she asked the Lord to heal her in one ear, so he did heal her, just in one ear, just as she asked. So why did Dorothy asked to be healed in one ear only? Because she was worried that the noise would keep her awake. She could go to sleep with her hearing ear on the pillow.
There is a book that is available in Christian bookstores called “Miracles Still Happen” by Sheri Stone and Therese Marszalek. The book has 66 Chapters and each chapter is about how God has blessed someone in a special way. The miracles in the book include many amazing healings, miracles of provision, miracles of protection and even and account of storm ceasing instantly “in the name of Jesus”. If you want to investigate whether miracles can happen then I recommend the book to you. The chapters are short but one theme comes through, there is a real God who cares about us and who is still answers prayer today.
Every year the church I go to puts on a series of meetings called Amazing Stories. Some of the people interviewed can show medical certificates and x-rays that confirm that they once had a terminal illness.
In the article ‘Miracles in the Philippines’, I talk about some miracles that defy a naturalistic  explanation. I personally know three of the people who went on the trip that is mentioned in the article. I have spoken to all three of them about the trip and they all confirm that amazing miracles took place on that trip. Miracles that included a man who was blind being healed (the pupils of his eyes had been white before he was healed). A girl who was so badly contorted that she could not walk was miraculously healed and two hospital wards were empty (except for one patient) the day after the patients of were prayed for. None of those three people strike me as the kind of people who would lie. One especially would be about the last person on Earth that I would expect to hear a lie from.
The article God's miraculous provision shows how God has answered countless prayers by providing believers with exactly what they need at exactly the right time. This happens far too often for it to be explained by mere chance. Miracles of the Passion website is an advert for a DVD but if you scroll down the page a little, you can read about some of the miracles that have happened to people who have seen Mel Gibson’s movie 'The Passion of the Christ'. On the front cover of  the DVD ‘Raised from the Dead’ is a picture of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu holding his own death certificate.
You can walk into Christian bookstores and find that DVD and a number of books that talk about well documented miracles that defy naturalistic explanations.

But what if all of those miracles were some kind of hoax and I had been taken for a ride? Well even if that were so, I would still believe in miracles because they have happened in my own life. In the article ‘Does God love you?’, I talk about how God told someone some things about me that I had never told anyone and how God spoke to me (even using my first name) through a pastor who did not know my name. In has ‘God revealed himself to you?’ I talk about how God saved me from serious injury even before I had become a Christian and there are other miracles that I could talk about. But how could you know if I am being honest? The short answer is 'you can't know'. Internet sites are not the most reliable way of getting information and you do not have any idea who I am and what my motives are. But the good news is that you can know God’s miracle power for yourself. The best place to experience God’s power is inside a good church.